Sustainability Policy.

Having run Craiglea bed & breakfast since 2003, we have noticed our overheads for the heating and hot water rising drastically. To combat this in January 2020 we invested a large sum of money in a log biomass boiler which provides all our heating and hot water.

The logs are purchased from the Biomass Suppliers List which is approved by Ofgem and have to come from a sustainable source. By doing this we receive Renewable heat incentives which helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and also our costs.

  • We have a weather compensated control system on our heating.
  • All bulbs are LED.
  • We have disposed of all plastic packaging in the breakfast room.
  • Fossil fuel usage is now only limited to cooking with bottled gas as we live in the mountains.
  • We encourage guests to recycle by providing bins in the guest bedrooms.
  • Our recycling is collected by the council along with any food waste which is turned into compost.
  • Our garden waste is composted.
  • We buy local produce wherever possible to reduce the use of our vehicle.
  • We have high levels of insulation in the roof of the building.
  • All radiators have thermostatic radiator valves.
  • We have double glazing throughout.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and have hand wash and shower gel in the en-suites which is cruelty free and vegan.
  • We encourage our guests to not use all the towels provided when staying with us to help reduce washing and electricity costs.

Future Plans.

  • We are planning to change some of the electric showers to mains feed showers.
  • To change two of the bathroom electric towel rails to mains feed towel rails.
  • We very much hope in the future to change our vehicle to electric once the technology can do the mileage range we require for living remotely.